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Tour of Britain: toddle of Bath

Me, whose bike sits crying and unloved in the garden, and my daughter who cannot ride a bike, decided to go and watch the Tour of Britain in Bath today. It was lots of fun. There was an excellent atmosphere in the beautiful city and lots of excitement about bikes and bike riding.

For us, the excitement began with the journey. No journey from Temple Meads should begin without a visit to Harts Bakery. Fact.


Then, we got on the train. More excitement for Tibbs, who waved like a loon at anyone, and anything passing, shouting buh-byeee.


Then, we went up to Victoria Park and the Royal Crescent, where Dutch Airline KLM was hosting the visitor’s park, which was pretty relaxed and full of lots of people keen to get a view of some of the World’s best cyclists. I’m a bit of a novice, but I did know who Team Sky was, and we were excited to see the British Team’s bikes up close. They looked feather-light, expensive, and, to the untrained ass, a bit chafing.

Once I cottoned onto the fact that me and my Maclaren were no match for really keen blokes jostling to see the start line, we whizzed down into Bath town and stood on a corner to watch the riders pass. It was a bit like watching Formula 1 live – zoom, zoom, cheer, silence. It looked excellent against the backdrop of beautiful Bath.

We spent the rest of the morning walking about, looking at shops, dancing to buskers, meeting Big Issue Sellers and their dogs, and playing in the Parade Gardens (which is £1.20 to get in, but lush and great for kids who need to shake their buggy blues away).

Home in Bristol for lunch and naps. What more could you want?

And for anyone who is a fan of the dungarees shown, they can be found here

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  1. I was about to ask where the dungarees were from when I read the last sentence, haha!

    I follow Harts Bakery on Twitter and am soooo jealous that you went there!

  2. Oh I love Bath so much and it’s so close to Bristol isn’t it? Lucky you, sounds like a lovely way to spend a morning x

  3. ah so glad you went! I had to miss the breakfast in the end as we weren’t well but so glad you had a good time! x

  4. Oh wow what a fun day out and hopefully will inspire you back on the bike 🙂 Love the dungarees by the way

    Laura x

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