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Knitted children’s clothes – do you or don’t you?

I, or rather Tibbs, just received this in the post from my Godmother. I’m in love with it already and it’s not even jumper weather yet!


The last time she sent a hand knitted item for Tibbs, it resulted in this camera-cracking cuteness


What is it about knitted clothes for kids that makes them look so lovely? Is it the innocence and simplicity of the design? Is it the love that has gone into the wool as it was knitted? Is it the colours?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no knitter. But I love people who are, and do. I raved about the Kaffe Fassett exhibition in Bath’s American museum earlier this year.

But I know that there are some parents who’d rather avoid the knitted children’s wear. The weird washing cycles, the magnet for squished food between every groove and fancy stitch, the constant ‘did you make it?’ questions.

Personally, I love cuddling my daughter when she’s wearing knitted woollen stuff – it’s like cuddling a solid warm sack of relaxation and cosiness. So here’s some more knitted hats and cardigans, if you like that sort of thing. Roll on winter!


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  1. oh I love knitted children’s clothes! Especially on little babies… I’ve already knitted one jumper for this next baby!

  2. I’m a massive massive fan of knitted baby clothes! The more ‘handmade’ the better too. There’s something brilliantly unique about them. Alex’s mum is a knitter and made Eliza a whole wardrobe out outfits that I’ve just rediscovered. And my gran used to knit and before she gave up due to arthritis knitted a whole load of cardigans for any future children I would have – how lovely? Awwww man, these photos, especially the last one 🙂 xx

  3. ARGH I love the top jumper, amaaaze! Ebony had the greatest wardrobe of knitted clothes when she was firstborn thanks to a close friend developing a knitted jumper charity shop addiction that lasted my entire pregnancy. Now she gets the odd jumper off her grandmas, but (looks round to check they’re not looking) they are rarely to my taste. Far too girly, or 80s. The 80s ones are from my mum, that woman will not update her pattern collection…

  4. So so cute, I love a good knit, it just looks so cosy and warm. I think it’s because of all the love put into it. x

  5. Well I absolutely love hand-knits but I’m a bit biased as my mum is a fantastic knitter and has made the most beautiful things for all my kiddos. I’ve kept many of them so I can pass them down to my kids (because I’m just never going to be able to knit like her) X

  6. I love knitted stuff as long as it’s knitted well and with nice colours – there’s always an abundance of puce pink and neon orange in our local charity shop!

  7. I ADORE knitwear on children, especially babies! bit of pain to wash and dry but so worth it. Love her little hat with bobbles on it! x

  8. i cannot deal with this much cute! i love that jumper. i’d totally wear something like that myself.

  9. YES to knitware on babies and children. I do hate weird wash cycles and being asked who made it, though. Ophelia has a particularly gorgeous knitted cardigan that I’m going to keep for my potential grandchildren.

  10. That is one adorable jumper!! I don’t have much time for knitting these days, but my mum makes some amazing thing. She sews too, so we occasionally receive little dresses in mad fabrics with matching knitted cardigans. Hand knits on babies is the cutest thing!!

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