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When new life changes old chores – Washing Baby Clothes

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One of my ‘new’ friends that I have made since I moved to Bristol is having another baby (any day now) and I’m very, very excited. This week, I went over to see her and we sat for a while in her garden, with lines of tiny baby clothes swaying in the breeze above our heads. Washing baby clothes, even if they are brand new, just before your baby arrives, is a parenthood right of passage, isn’t it? It’s sort of like bunting, announcing your colourful excitement and anticipation for what’s to come.

Like my friend, I was this sort of expectant mother, impatiently washing and refolding, enjoying the unfamiliar smell of a different washing powder and Fabric Conditioner. I’d always used non-biological powders before, but never thought about how Fabric Conditioners can affect Sensitive Skin, but fortunately I found out before I washed any of my baby clothes.

Only a few hours old, all clean and soft
Only a few hours old, all clean and soft

The thought of hurting any part of my baby, who I was yet to meet, really concerned me, so I actually didn’t use Fabric Conditioner at all on her clothes until she was around six months old. It’s difficult to describe, but she felt so pure and fresh and clean and, well, new, that I almost didn’t want anything to spoil her! Washing became less of a chore and seemed to have more of a purpose, and, honestly, as she’s got older and her clothes have got steadily dirtier from days at nursery and experimental meals, washing is an essential now! And her clothes have got brighter and brighter!

I began to use Persil non-bio when Tibbs was born, and when I decided to try a fabric conditioner, I chose Comfort Pure. They go together well. I do some grocery shopping online, but I go to our local ASDA in Bedminster when I have a ‘big shop’ to do. Basically, it has a LOT of parent child car parking, I love browsing the George clothes, always a bargain, and secretly, I enjoy the music they play! And, like most regular supermarket visitors, I know their layout, and I know where to find stuff without really thinking too hard.


This week ASDA is selling exclusive #Mums4Tommys  #CollectiveBias packs of Persil non-bio 25w and Comfort Pure 42w together, in aid of Tommy’s. Tommy’s funds research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. Tommy’s also (which I think is slightly less known) provides information for parents to be, offering a pregnancy line phone service for any questions or reassurance. The Tommy’s phone number fridge magnet was the only thing I kept from my initial midwife’s information pack.

My sister also recently completed an open water swim to raise money for Tommy’s and I’m a huge supporter. It felt good to be giving something to others whilst I was shopping for my own baby’s needs. As I wait for news of my friend’s new arrival, I’m sitting here looking at my own big pile of washing and wondering how much more there’ll be tomorrow, and remembering the first time I hung out my girl’s little clothes on that windy April day last year.


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  1. I love the idea that the baby’s clothes on the line is like bunting welcoming the new arrival! We don’t have an outside line (teeny garden) so our kitchen was hot and steamy like a laundry when my daughter was a newborn. Oh and we also had the heating whacked up (in September!) in that new-mum- panic!!

  2. You’ve made me really nostalgic now (especially as my mum is coming up this week to help me wash all the clothes! Not that I can’t do it, but she loves being involved). Had totally forgotten about which washing powder to use and not using fabric softener, so thanks xx

  3. I can remember washing all of Cherry’s babygrows with washing powder that I didn’t normally buy, it was all very excited. By the it got to Tiger I didn’t really bother! And anything that was washed was just done with whatever powder we were using, poor second children! x

  4. Lia Lia

    I remember washing all of Dexters in Surcare or something – getting all excited for his arrival. I can’t say i’m overly thrilled by my gigantic load now almost 9 years on 😉

  5. My god, you’re brave for tackling the Bedminster asda for a big shop! I have bad memories of morning sickness in that place and can’t seem to go in without feeling sick!

    That sounds like a really good campaign though, and great to be able to support it!

  6. crikey moses how cute is little Tibbs?? so funny we all wash the clothes even when they are new, I got really funny that they had to have the right smell. it’s such a nostalgic feeling thought isn’t it! x

  7. Tommys is such an amazing charity and it’s really god to see a high street brand supporting it. I think all one does when you have a baby is wash clothes – constantly

    Laura x

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