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Wall stickers for a child’s bedroom

You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote about how I was planning to decorate my daughter’s room. We eventually settled on a plain cream colour scheme and set about filling the walls with her books, photographs and other dearly-loved items that she’s amassed in her little life so far.

She seems most keen on animals, and outdoor things in general, so we’ve been bringing nature inside using wall stickers (sometimes known as wall decals). As well as some bunny rabbits on ladders chasing stars (which I love because sleeping bunnies has always been the song she loves to hear her Dad sing), we were lucky to be asked to review some newly available wall stickers by Little Blue Owl, an online shop specialising in children’s nursery decoration, furniture, toys and gifts.

How do wall stickers work?

Our stickers came flat-packed, arranged onto larger sticky pieces of paper, ready to peel off. There’s a picture of the wholly assembled decoration for you to follow, but, for most wall stickers I’ve used, there’s always room for you to make a few creative changes of your own.You peel off each part of the design and adhere it to your chosen surface. The great part is, if you feel like you’ve put it in the wrong place, it’s REALLY easy to peel them back off the wall and re-position them. And, when you’re done with them, bored with them, or want to put them somewhere else, you can just take them off.


What do I need to do first?

You need to prepare your wall by making sure it’s nice and clean and has as few bumps as possible. I would also advise you have a look at how much space you actually need. Every time I’ve started putting some up, I’ve had to stop and re-position them because I haven’t allowed enough space! And, much as I love my daughter, it’s not easy to do something which requires concentration when you’ve got a tiny helper, so I’d try and do it in some kid-free time.

The results

I love the Forest Friends design that Little Blue Owl sent us. It’s a really nice size, about 3ft tall and as wide as you want to want to make it, enough to make a small child really feel the decoration is around them. The colours are probably more suited to little girls in this particular case, but there are plenty more on the site to choose from. I love this Jungle height chart, for example.

It took me about 45 minutes to assemble the picture and get it the way I wanted. I enjoyed putting the leaves on, and getting the woodpecker and owl straight on the branches. I made sure it was close enough to the skirting board for Tibbs to be able to reach up and touch it. She seemed to love the hedgehog straight away.

I’d love to be able to add more animals to it as time goes by, and maybe even let the baby choose where she wants to put them eventually. Wall stickers are such a great way to keep things fresh when it comes to decorating a room. They are also awesome for anyone who rents rather than owns their place, as you can make it your own, and then take your own with you when you go.

Other Little Blue Owl picks

If I could have my dream shopping spree, some of the things I’d include would be:

  • This ace dinosaur desk/toybox combination. Lovely space saving idea
  • Could this mini bathtime lifeguard be any sweeter?
  • This faux-buffalo changing bag – I’ve kind of downsized the changing bag back to the old Boots faithful, but this could sway me!
  • This red tractor and trailer – cheery and very robust looking

PS – for the safety conscious amongst you, the plug socket to the right of my wall stickers is usually covered with a child-proofed cover. I got mine from Wilkos, they are awesome.

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  1. These are so brilliant, I bet she loves them. And you can just peel them off instead of having to faff about with paint – so good (especially if you’re ‘artistically challenged’ like me…)

  2. aww these look brilliant! I painted a tree on Wilf’s wall when I was pregnant but to honest it didn’t really look very good, a wall sticker would have been better! x

  3. Ha ! I so would not have noticed the plug socket! I love wall stickers. They just add such a whimsical feel to any room.

  4. they’re great aren’t they?! We just got a wall sticker to brighten up the baby’s space πŸ™‚

  5. We have never really used wall stickers but they do look like a lot of fun and an easy way to bring some colour to a kids room πŸ™‚

    Laura x

  6. What a lovely way to brighten up LO’s room! And so easy to freshen things up later, instead of re-doing the entire room. Thanks for sharing on #britmumsreviews

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