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The little things


Today is a very important day for me. It’s more to do with the little thing on the left, here in the picture, than the beautiful thing on the right.

Today is the day I get to lend some of my baby’s tiny newborn clothes to a close friend, for the first time.

Why is this such an important day for me?

It took a long time for our baby to come along. Too long. During that time, I longed to do lots of things which were happening all around me to other people. Simple acts of motherhood that I worried I would never get to do. By the time Tibbs was about to arrive, small things like choosing, washing and sorting her small clothes for our new baby felt like heaven. When she burst into our lives, it turned out she was a bit more petite than we’d expected, so she needed a few tiny baby items to see her through. Clothing her felt like the least I could do. And I would, and will, do anything to make her happy. Small things for a small baby.

Also, during the time I was waiting to be a mum, there were people that knew how I was feeling. Friends who let me talk and listened, and made me feel better. Today I am passing on some of my tiny baby clothes to one of these friends, who is about to become a mother for the first time. We’ve worked together, met and married our soulmates, and have masses of shared memories of fun times. And now, I am lending her some things that shaped some of my most precious memories, to help her create some incredible ones of her own.

This sounds so very dramatic, I know. But I never knew whether such small things would be a reality for me, so for once, I’m embracing the way I feel. Motherhood is about to become a reality for my friend, and I couldn’t be more excited and happy. Today is going to be a great day!

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  1. Alice Alice

    What a lovely thing to share 🙂 xxxxx

    • Cheers sis, I know how you feel now when you lend us baby things, special times! xxx

  2. Ahh how exciting! One of my best friends from school is pregnant with her first, I can’t wait for her to give birth! x

  3. so nice! I remember passing on baby things for friends, we were the first of most of our friends to have parents, so it was really special to pass things on to them

  4. Lia Lia

    Aww, lovely! It doesn’t sound dramatic to me at all – i totally get it! I found out that a top I wore with all three bumps and has been leant to masses of my pregnant friends has gone missing, and i’m really really sad about it! Silly maybe, but i’m still gutted!

  5. Awww like rite of passage! My son is tiny too as he was born way early. I didnt have friends so when he outgrew them I just gave the clothes to the local children center. Hopefully they will go to good families. =) #PoCoLo

  6. This really is a lovely post. #PoCoLo

    (Hope you don’t mind me asking here. Have you seen the new #FamilyFriday link? – This post would fit in well there, too!)

  7. Not dramatic at all, simply lovely. Absolutely lovely. I can only begin to imagine how great and emotional it must feel to be able to do this.
    I didn’t have anyone to pass my daughter’s new born bits and bobs to, but a couple of years ago, I gave boxes and boxes of clothing to a help centre set up after the Tottenham riots.
    Glad you got the chance to have your darling baby, even if you had to wait longer than expected xx

    came from Brilliant Blog Posts xx thanks for sharing!

  8. A gorgeous thing to share. I gave some clothes away to friends and charity and kept a lot of what meant so much to me and I was able to pass onto my next baby too. A lovely, touching post. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  9. It’s really sweet that this gesture has so much meaning, and I’m sure you’re friend will appreciate it even more!

  10. This is not dramatic at all to me, this is the perfect act of friendship and a wonderful way to acknowledge what they have done for you and you are doing in return 🙂 Welcome to PoCoLo and thank you for linking. Hope to see you again next week x

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