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Summer clothes for a one year old – Bonnie Baby London at Little Peco

I first came across Little Peco on Twitter, when owner Ros was excitedly getting ready to open her new online children’s clothes venture from her hometown of Bath. I loved the sound of what she was planning to sell – quality, design-led and cool clothing for babies and children from some of the World’s stand-out brands. There were a couple of brands that really caught my eye, having visited their stores in London, so I was really chuffed when Ros asked if Tibbs would like to try an outfit from the Bonnie Baby range that she’s offering.

My order arrived really fast, the day after I placed it in fact, and was wrapped really beautifully.

We were both really excited to unwrap it and find the Thumper cotton top and Tally cotton shorts I’d chosen. I like the choice of tissue paper – there’s nothing a 14 month old likes more than the crackle of tissue paper!

It was a proper lovely sunny afternoon here today, so we headed to Windmill Hill City Farm to meet a friend. It was very hot in the car on the way over, and I think I would probably leave Tibbs’ vest off next time she wears this outfit – the organic cotton is quite thick, but totally breathable and soft, and she just didn’t need the bottom layer at all.


I was so pleased with my colour choice of primrose for the top. I LOVE yellow, can’t wear it at all myself, but Tibbs looks smashing in it. It matches her sunny little soul. The bunny design is unfeasibly sweet, and such good quality. The top was nice and loose, with a great pleat in the back between the shoulders and a gently rounded neck, which i imagine felt nice to play in on a hot day.

I always find shorts on a baby quite amusing, especially my own, because her legs are so short and feet so small, she looks so dainty. These shorts are a good buy for us as they taper into gentle elastic at the bottom, so nothing can get up, or down them, and they don’t hang down and make shuffling awkward. They survived the sandpit test today admirably.

Tibbs, like a lot of babies, seems to like buttons, and the ones on both top and shorts were a big hit – pleasing and sturdy and design co-ordinated with the fabric pattern. Both arrived with a spare one too.

Little Peco has a summer sale on, starting Thursday June 20th, with up to 45% off its brand ranges, including Ava & Luc, Oh Baby London, Boys & Girls and of course Bonnie Baby. If you’re looking for an original, most likely 100% organic cotton, colourful and well made outfit for kids, I recommend it highly. With free delivery on all orders too, it’s a great way to shop without leaving the sofa, or get a good gift off to a new mum!

The Thumper top will be just £11 in the sale, and the Tally shorts £9, which is a big saving and a bargain for such high quality kit.

What else do I have my eye on from Little Peco? These hammer pants of course. Whose baby doesn’t need hammer pants?

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    • Thanks Jess! I am a proud mum when I look at these pictures too!

  1. They looked like such great quality when I saw them in real life too and yes SO cute! x

  2. Oh how seriously cute are these clothes – love them

    Laura x

  3. these are adorable {and so is the model ;)}

  4. Ros Ros

    We’re so pleased that you liked this cute little outfit! Tibbs looked gorgeous, thank you so much for reviewing.

  5. Dude! Dying of the cuteness in these photos. Would love to see you soon. Also, will check out the shop (and just not tell Alex) x

  6. What a cutie! Lovely print & organic cotton too. Just lovely! Thanks for sharing on #britmumsreviews.

  7. She is so cute in yellow and even I love big button on my clothes.

    #britmum review

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