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Review – Bubbahub, Bedminster

Here’s a post I’ve been meaning to write since I started The Bristol Parent.

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I first went to Bubbahub, a parent cafe on North Street, Bedminster, when Tibbs was 5.5months old. We’d just moved here. I had no friends with babies here. I was hot and she was hungry. We were both a bit hesitant. There was nothing like Bubbahub where I’d come from – just slightly uptight, white wooden furnitured cupcake cafes that said they were kid-friendly but didn’t hide their wincing when I jagged my buggy on their shaker-style tables.

Bubbahub gave me the start I really needed as a mum in Bristol. I can say that honestly and know it’s true. Without plucking up the courage (and you know, new mums, everything you did before on a whim takes supreme metaphorical balls to do now) to walk in and sit down, I wouldn’t have made the friends I have here so quickly.

Bubbahub is your living room, with better coffee, cake and food for you and your little one, more toys, and guaranteed conversation with somebody who gets where you’re at. It is small enough to be cosy, private if you’re feeding, and comfortable. It’s big enough to sit how you want, where you want, watch your baby move about if they can, and take your buggy in and put it in the corner.

My five most loved features:

  • Geraldine, Selena and the staff – always, and I mean always, there for a chat across the counter. It feels like going in to see a mate who’s working.
  • Most times, there’ll be something going on, whether it’s a quick storytelling session in Spanish, a dad’s meet, or some bookable advice from a sleep trainer, employment advisor or natural birth counsellor. But, if you want to just sit and relax and play with your baby, you can
  • There’s always someone willing to look after your baby whilst you go to the loo, or go to the counter to get more nice snacks
  • They have a very active Facebook page, plus a closed buying/selling market and a parental advice page – check them out
  • People are friendly, I’ve had tonnes of instances of asking for or getting opinion or advice from other mums and dads there

Bubbahub is perfect for people with children who can’t move, really suitable for those with crawlers and cruisers, great for people with new walkers, and, if I’m honest, OK for people with older toddlers and pre-schoolers (once they start running and climbing, it becomes a challenge as a lot of the toys are for younger kids and the amount of tiny babies on the floor could be a thing). But there’s something for everyone – especially in the food and drink and the entertainment. Everyone is made to feel welcome.

Bubbahub prices are reasonable, it’s a quid to get in and stay as long as you like.

It’s a place I hope to keep visiting for a long while yet and the enrichment they bring to South Bristol’s parenting scene is so very important.

The pictures I have used here are from Bubbahub’s Facebook Page.

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  1. I did the illustrations for Bubbahub 🙂 it was set up by my NCT teacher originally but the new owners are just as lovely! It it wasn’t over the other side of bristol I would be in there more for sure! X

  2. Oh my word! This place looks amazing. We really don’t have anything like that in my town and i am slightly envious of all the amazing places in Bristol! I really want to visit x

  3. oh this looks like a lovely place! also, that photo has made me really, really want some brownies.

  4. looks like an amazing place! hope one opens up near here soon 😉

  5. Love this! I don’t live anywhere near but will remember this for when next in Bristol! 🙂 x

  6. It’s a great space we’ve down there a few times. Super friendly and cosy for the little ones. x

  7. Oh this cafe sounds lovely and only a pound it get in – amazing. Also those brownies look so yummy – I need to check this place out next time we are in Bristol

    laura x

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