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Looking forward to this week in Bristol

I’m returning to work for a few more hours this week, which is making me a bit sad. She’ll be in nursery for more week days than she will be with me now, my adventurous little girl. So I’m thinking ahead to a few things that are making me excited to be a Bristol parent this week.

Friday June 6 – Bedminster

As part of Bedminster Skills Week, our BYOB Choir is doing a workshop at 4.30pm on Friday 6th. BYOB stands for Bring Your Own Baby. We sing, they play around on the floor and sometimes give us a tiny-handed clap. We would LOVE you to come and listen and hopefully join in. You don’t need to be able to sing or read music. It couldn’t be more relaxed and it really does help blow the humdrum aspects of parenthood away. We do not sing any children’s songs, it’s all uplifting, fun stuff instead. It’s at this place and will last an hour.

Saturday June 7 – Bedminster

Dean Street in Bedminster will be closed off and turned into a street party paradise for children by Hungry Caterpillar Cafe. This will be an interesting transformation, Dean St is a back street with a dead end onto the precinct, and hopefully will have a nice block party vibe.

Along with other local places – Playing Out, Elephant House, and Lucille’s Caravan, Hungry Caterpillar is taking itself outside for the day. There’s some behemoths of kids’ entertainment attending, including everyone’s favourite trotter-hopping snout wearer, Peppa Pig, lots of live music, an awesome sounding family drumming workshop, and a BBQ. The event is free and kicks off at midday with a show and tell from Tim Maynard and his Living Classroom of reptiles. You can find out more about the event here

Sunday June 8 – Clifton

We’ll be hopping across the river to Bristol Zoo on Sunday as our nursery, Mama Bear, is hosting a family fun day there to support this year’s Walk of Fame celebrations. I’m really excited as I’ve only been to the Zoo once since we moved here, and I didn’t know about the Walk of Fame. Just through reading about its objective to honour famous and successful Bristolians I have learned a lot. Including that snooker player Judd Trump is from Bristol. And yes, I can’t help smirking at his name, sorry Judd.

Here’s Stephen Merchant to explain it all.

So, in three days, there’s:

  • Two opportunities to get face painted
  • Two places to have a picnic or eat outdoors
  • Two chances to see big lizards and frogs
  • Umpteen chances to learn something new
  • Music that kids will love every day for three days
  • And most of it is free, or discounted

All in the space of a couple of square miles. Lovely Bristol!

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  1. sounds like you have some fun stuff to look forward to!

  2. ooh I didn’t know about the Zoo thing! It’s so great that places in Bristol do the closed roads things, we have a few near us, makes all the difference! x

  3. Dean street party sounds great! might pop down and check it out x

  4. This is what I miss about Bristol is that there is so much going on all the time and it’s always something really creative and interesting, hope you have a great time

    Laura x

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