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Byron Hamburgers – coming to Bristol?

I just read over on Bristol Culture that Byron Hamburgers is due to open up in Clifton on The Triangle. Although it’s a shame that most new openings seem to be away from the City centre, which I think needs some more quick and easy good food options, I am very pleased to hear Byron is coming to town.

It’s a place, or a chain, that holds very happy memories for me. When we lived in East London, I would meet my husband after work for some drinks occasionally, and always nudge him towards taking me to Byron. It also brings back memories of late night stops with a good friend who also likes a good burger. I love the late night atmosphere of the Hoxton branch. The low lighting, the happy conversation between big groups of friends or slightly drunk couples. The taste of the burgers, thick, juicy, and importantly for me, no snobbery around American Cheese. They’ll stack it on for you. The salty, crispy chips. The perfect mac and cheese that really, no human should regard as a side order. The sticky malt shakes. And the solid choice of beer.

Byron Hoxton – Photo courtesy of Homespun London

When I was pregnant, we moved out to outer London, if you can even call Surbiton that, and the consistent craving was a good cheeseburger. The last meal we had, alone, a week before Tibbs was born, was at Byron in Kingston. I couldn’t even fit in the booths by that stage, and had to take a chair. Different atmosphere at this branch, many more families, but still the same burger enjoyment.

IMG_0275Here I am outside Kingston’s Byron!

I wonder what the Clifton branch will be like? Maybe there’ll be more happy memories to be created there. I think I’ll be in the queue to find out, if my burger senses aren’t deceiving me!

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  1. I’ve never heard of it before but I do love a good burger so will def be making a visit next time I’m in Briz! x

  2. never heard of it – G loves a burger!

  3. i don’t even like burgers that much and i very, very rarely eat meat but every now and then i can’t help but crave one!

  4. I’ve never heard of it either! x

  5. Come now! The Triangle is practically the centre! Sounds amazing. Looking forward to checking it out and lining my arteries. 🙂

  6. I love a good burger joint (as long as they have a few interesting veggie options!) I kind of think of the triangle as being central-ish but I guess it depends which part of the city you are coming from, it’s a 7 min train journey for me! x

  7. Byron do some great veggie burgers and they always have a chilled vibe about them, although I have to be honest and say Honest Burger is our fave when in London. Would love to see one open in Cardiff though

    Laura x

  8. LOVE Byron! So, so so good. There’s not one in Bromley (jealous). Bizarrely, despite mainly craving sweet things during pregnancy I always want a burger. mmm.

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