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The essential new baby list – a ‘master’ link up #essentialbabystuff

I’ve just read a news piece on the Daily Mail that lists the most useless products bought by new 2000 new parents, as surveyed by Which?

I’m not linking to the Daily Mail (feel free to Google it), but it’s made me so cross that it’s spurred me into Linky action for the first time.

This is a call out to all the parent bloggers out there, all over the place, who have a post which gives a baby essentials list that could be helpful to a new parent. Add them to my Linky below and let’s try and create the latest, up to date, actually helpful, non-cynical Katie Hopkins opinion boggling hopefully reasonably priced and well intentioned LIST OF THINGS YOU SHOULD BUY FOR A NEWBORN BABY!

Here’s a picture of my newborn baby to help you remember how cool newborn babies are.

Spread the word, and if you don’t have a post, feel free to add something in the comments. Let’s give new mums some real opinions on things that worked and didn’t work for us.



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  1. haven’t seen the Daily mail list, but I can imagine!! It always amuses me how much crap they tell you that you’ll need!

  2. I was quite surprised at just how little you really need for a baby! I think first time round people get over-excited and buy everything but with Tiger I didn’t have much at all really and bought most stuff second-hand! x

  3. Ooh I’ll do one for you. Topping my list of things you need – a decent baby sling. Both my newborns have lived in a stretchy wrap. 🙂 I have a box full of rubbish I’ve not needed either time. I don’t even have a cot this time!

  4. When I was first pregnant I didn´t know anyone else who had been or was so didn´t have the luxulry of hand me downs or advice on what to get..or what not to bother getting! This is such a good idea for people in that very position and wish it was around when I was preggers!

  5. What a great idea – we went really minimal when we had our son and bought what we needed a long the way – the industry is a huge money making thing that tries to tell you what you need

    Laura x

  6. Great idea…as much positive, useful information for new parents the better!

  7. people told us we’d need so much stuff but actually what they should have said we needed was a giant bed! We co-slept for 18m in a double! x

  8. Great idea for a linky, I don’t have a suitable post but agree you need much less than you are told. Also, when people offer to lend you things – take them. So much baby stuff is only used for a short while that it makes sense not to buy new. We were leant a Moses basket, change table, play mat and excer saucer by various friends not at the baby stage. Was amazing! X

  9. Ive just linked up my Top 5 Baby Products, ive got 3 kids so ive figured out exactly whats good or rubbish 🙂 #BrilliantBlogPosts

  10. thanks for linky, i have nothing to add as yet, but will read posts of other bloggers

  11. Fab linky idea, not sure I have a post which fits but I did find so many so called ‘essentials’ just weren’t necessary especially when it came to my second for example baby baths (we use a special baby bath seat in the normal bath which last for ages) and things like bottle warmers and food blenders for babies-fork and mash or use normal blender if you have to! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  12. Lia Lia

    I haven’t seen that list either but I remember being totally overwhelmed when I had my first – I think I even bought a peepee tipee which is ridiculous, haha! The things I used all the time we’re those herbal teething granules for teething days and muslins – could never have enough of those things!

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