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Elsie and Arthur Summer Collection – beautiful clothing from Devon

A trip into the centre of Bristol last weekend, seeing the excited groups of ladies laughing and having fun on various hen dos reminded me that 2014 wedding season is coming up. We have two this year and it’s always a great excuse to look online for a new outfit.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been offered a preview of clothing company Elsie and Arthur’s new Summer collection.


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Elsie and Arthur is a Devon-based brand, run by Allie and Jack, who describe their clothes as an ethical, reasonably priced country clothing collection.

Elsie and Arthur is only available online and through selected local pop-up shops in the South West. I was instantly attracted to the new collection for two reasons – the incredible colour palettes in the dresses, and the fact that Elsie and Arthur use real people to model their stuff! I can’t tell you how happy I am about the second point – for me, it makes buying clothes online so much more attractive if you can see how the garment fits a normal person.

Here are a few of my stand-out pieces from Elsie and Arthur’s Summer collection:

The Nancy maxi dress is my favourite pick for a wedding.Those colours are incredible, and it comes in a choice of two palettes, red, or blue. I love the fact the straps are not too thin and there’s not too much boob-age on show. The Lydia cardigan is just what I need at the moment and it’s a silk/cotton mix, so feels really luxurious and soft. Plus, my daughter likes the spots, so that’s sold then! The Collette dress is stunning, in fact I think it’d make a lovely bridesmaid dress, or something for the honeymoon. I like the fact the floral pattern is just a little bit retro.

The dresses go from an 8 to a 16-18 in size, although Allie tells me that the larger sizes are roomy and would be suitable for a size 20 too. They are pulled in and fitted with nice elasticated waists or tie backs, to accentuate anybody’s curves, whatever size. The collection is made from traditional, natural fabrics to traditional and classic country patterns and trends.

Affordable, South-West local and most of all, gorgeous to look at, I think this collection at Elsie and Arthur is lovely. If you agree, and you’d like to buy yourself a little summer something, I’ve got an exclusive 10% off purchases for the whole launch weekend 10-12th May. Just enter BRISTOLPARENT at the checkout.

ps – this bag as well! It’s £12.00, comes in yellow or blue stripes, and zips up – how perfect for the beach or as a travel baby bag can you get?


Elsie and Arthur can be seen on Twitter @ElsieandArthur and at a variety of County Shows and fairs in the South West and beyond this summer. You can read more about Elsie and Arthur, which is a pretty inspirational business when you look at it from the sidelines, here.

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  1. loving that polka dotted cardie. really like some of their stuff, kind of a joules vibe, right?

    and whilst i TOTALLY agree with your point that it’s nice that they’re using non ‘traditional’ models, the way you’ve worded it kind of makes out that tall slim people aren’t normal? regardless, i’d love to see more lookbooks with ladies of men of all shapes and sizes, tall and short. yay for being more inclusive!

    • Laura I think you’re totally right and I apologise for seemingly calling tall, thin people abnormal! Bring on everybody of all shapes and sizes!

  2. Lia Lia

    Oh, I love love love that bag! What a lovely company too 🙂

  3. I think they studied in Cardiff for a while as that where I came across them – such lovely and simple designs and I too love that they use real people

    Laura x

  4. I love the Collette dress! So pretty

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