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Why one is the best age yet

Our daughter turned one recently. It prompted me to reflect on the last year, as it does so many parents. My conclusion was that there is nowhere I would rather be than right now, with a one year-old, in Bristol. One truly is a magic number – Tibbs has suddenly, in the past four weeks, flowered into this incredible character with quickly developing skills, and there’s so much for us to do here this Summer! Here’s some things I’ve noticed that have changed this month:

She can stand! Watching your small baby stand up for the first time is mental. Like me, I expect lots of mums and dads nearly miss it. I was just minding my own business reading a leaflet when, suddenly, I felt two small hands on my knee and there she was, wobbling in my face, grinning like a goon. Also typically, she now cannot be stopped. Everything is worth pulling yourself up on. This is great timing as this month we are starting Little Badgers Forest School. I am so, so excited about this!


She’s fun to eat with and is quite keen on trying new foods. At one, she’s not too annoying or unhappy about staying seated. It’s just fun watching her find new food preferences and enjoy eating with friends. I think nursery has really helped her eat in social situations. We go to places like Acapella Cafe near us, which is very family friendly. In the next few weeks I’m going to be broadening out and trying new Bristol food to see what else she likes – any ideas?


She loves horses and dogs. Now, I love horses and dogs very much, so this could be projection. But she squeals with happiness at the sight of either and is straight over to try and touch their fur and, obviously, poke them in the face. Her toy horses get a lot of attention. This makes me very pleased, and I try as much as possible to get her access to both. Which makes me sadder still that Horseworld in Whitchurch had to close. We had an annual pass. In Bristol, a walk in most parks will give her all the doggy contact she could need, especially at Ashton Court or more locally to us, Arnos Vale where a sit down at Whisk Cafe gives one lots of opportunities to ask about patting friendly dogs.


She moves towards the unknown, not away from it. This makes me more proud than anything else. Taking great handfuls of sand on the beach to look at it more closely. Crawling quickly towards the swimming pool and the waves on the beach. Trying to crawl up the slide. She’s everything I wanted her to be at this age – sociable, independent, loving, content, giggly. I can’t wait for the rest of 2014, especially in Bristol, with so much for us to experience together.


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  1. I love one!! I remember mine being one, such a great age – enjoy it!

  2. aww one is such a great age! I have to say though it does just get better and better! x

  3. Gorgeous little girl 🙂 one is a wonderful age xx

  4. One is a lovely age – full of new discoveries, learning, lots of firsts and it’s great that you feel so settles and enjoying the moment as it goes by so fast

    Laura x

  5. I loved this stage so much! Lovely that you have recorded this all so you can look back!

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