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The ground beneath your feet

Sweetest baby. On Mother’s Day I got to see you experience one of life’s greatest pleasures. Your hands and feet felt the grass for the first time.


On a hazy Spring day, you were almost lost for what to do next when we placed you on the ground and it was green for as far as you could see. You will have been able to smell the grass, the sweet, fresh air, and feel the gentle wind. Your little hands flexed over the soil and you lightly brushed your fingers over the blades of grass. And then you were off! Off, forwards, smiling, following a trail only you could see.

I want so much for you. I want every path you take to be as exciting as this first push forward into endless green. I hope that walking as a family will be something we do forever.

Thanks to Dyrham Park for a beautiful day.

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  1. wow what a moment! I remember when Wilf first crawled in a park, he was like ‘what IS this stuff!’ such a sweet pic too. x

  2. Beautiful! What an exciting moment 🙂 hello broodiness, x

  3. so cute!! I remember Baya’s first time on grass – she HATED it ha!

  4. Haha I put J on the grass for the firs time a few weeks ago, he wouldn’t go on it! He got to the end of the blanket and touched it before crawling backwards, it must be so funny for them! x

  5. I can’t believe how uncertain we were about putting Talitha on the grass when she was a crawler. I reckon Ophelia will be eating the stuff before we notice! Thanks for sharing your lovely moment. 🙂

  6. Lovely that you documented such a small, but momentous occasion! Her face is full of so much wonder!

  7. This is gorgeous, such a simple pleasure so beautifully shared. x

  8. OOOh what a cutie , aww my son hated the grass for the first time.

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