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The five best stacking cups for babies

The stacking cups. Where would any parent of a child under two be without a set? Let’s just take a moment to admire their best uses:

  • Stacking cups are one of the easily transportable toys. This also makes them perfect for entertaining on a plane, or a train journey
  • Stacking cups double up excellently as bath toys. Some of them even have nice holes in the bottoms for impromptu showers
  • Stacking cups make excellent snack holders for the baby that likes to wobble around armed with food
  • Stacking cups are the de-facto thing that any pretend horse eats out of, or any doll drinks her fairy juice out of. They are the Denby of teddy bear’s picnics
  • They provide an excellent personality test. Just how many times can you keep stacking them up to have a shrieking child knock them over and demand a re-build, before you slump on the carpet dreaming of a similarly-sized stack of shot glasses

So, it’s a crowded market. Some might even say its fully stacked with options. But which are the best sets of stacking cups for babies?


Marks and Spencer Stacking Cups Toy – £6.00

I really like this set, they have a soothing colour scheme and the bright white numbers give them a home-made feel

BigJigs Toys Stacking Cubes – £18.99

These aren’t cups and being made of wood, may not be totally bath-time perfect, but they have a different challenge on every side and are so eye-catching

Windmill Stacking Cups – £6.99 (other stockists also available)

Unusual with its patterns and pleasing for its windmill function which really does spin round! Plus, there’s a pony on the top one.

Bruin Stacking Cups from Toys R Us – £4.99

These are bright, cheerful and have animal faces on the bottoms, which imprint into things like sand and play-dough. Reasonably priced too.

IKEA Mula building beakers – £1.50

I love almost everything about this set. It’s compact, provides excellent texture experience, and it’s so cheap. Winner.

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  1. We have the m&s set, given by Talitha’s godfather. It really is lovely. Over the years she has found so many uses for them! This is like the baby must-have!

  2. Love the bigjigs ones… we have a plastic set that we got for Lola almost 11 years ago, that still get played with at bathtime 😀

  3. Oooh I love the bigwigs one although the IKEA ones are really cheap and look pretty durable too – could use them like you said for other things 🙂

    Laura x

  4. We were definitely in the Ikea camp and snapped these ones up quick, and they’re actually still going strong in our bath!

  5. My girls have always enjoyed the wooden blocks for stacking up!

  6. Our set of stacking cups is still going strong four years later and still enjoyed by both children – definitely one of my top baby toys! #brilliantblogposts

  7. My son is still playing with his. He started playing it as baby and now he is 4 he just cant get enough of his stacking toy =) #BrilliantBlogPosts

  8. Fab post, love our stacking cups-they last forever! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts, please do add my badge or link back, thanks!

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