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Songs to sing to your baby

I promise the picture to the left is relevant.

When I was pregnant I worried a lot about not being a good mum. I still worry about it, but, one thing I have learned is that babies love you for who you are, and, in general, are always big fans of your attempts to love them back. I still get a confidence boost every time something happens and I whip out a tactic and it works, and I think “yes! I just solved that!”

Singing is one of those tactics.

Despite my choir membership and all round love of music, I’m not the best singer. However, I do remember words to things very well. I’m awesome at pub quizzes where there are lyrics rounds (no point in playing it down, if I wrote a rea-world CV, it would be up there as a best skill). Faced with a newborn and some top-notch sheep-noise bleat crying that only reflux can produce, me and Tibbs’ Dad had to really pull some tunes out of the bag. The funny thing was, they weren’t the tunes we expected them to be!

Perhaps you’re looking to knock Twinkle Twinkle on the head, or just expand your set list, so here are some of our family favourites. With helpful links in case you want to rehearse.

California Dreams – yes, that awesome yet rubbish TV show from the 90s. The theme tune. This was the first song Tibbs ever heard, in the hospital. We even harmonised. Thank Christ we had a private room.

Dario G – Sunchyme – yes, I know it has no lyrics. And it’s eight minutes long. But if you’d heard my husband sing it to his little girl, swaying her around, your heart would melt too. She’s always loved it.

Edelweiss – especially when sung by Christopher Plummer. I’m not sure what the ethics of this song are, but I absolutely love the tune and the lilt it has. It actually makes me tear up thinking about singing it to her in the middle of the night. Argh this post is turning into a total mush-fest!

Que Sera Sera – Doris Day. We sing this at the BYOB Choir I go to. It’s one of the baby’s favourites. She turns towards us and puts her starfish-shaped hands in the air and swings from side to side. It’s ace.

The United Calypso. Controversial considering the split support in our house, but after many years of going to Old Trafford, the songs that come quickest are the ones you’ve sung a lot. I once sang the chorus of this for almost a whole half. So it’s got staying power, which is essential when it comes to a crying baby. And it’s got jiggling written all over it.

The whole thing reminds me of this episode of Friends. But we don’t do it for the laughs. Honest.

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  1. Lorna P Lorna P

    Love this Eleanor. 🙂 Anything by fleetwood mac gets a good reaction from my 14 month old twins (The Chain seems to be a favourite), but it’s more to do with delivery. Let’s face it, you could sing any old nonsense to a baby but if it’s done with conviction and visible enjoyment, they get a kick out of it too. Music has magical powers.

    • Oh, I nearly included Songbird in this, but I actually can’t listen to it without crying joyfully and thinking of the baby so it doesn’t get sung very much! Thanks for stopping by, too!

  2. I love this! California Dreams – what a trip down memory lane! Totally agree though that there is no reason just to stick with singing twinkle twinkle! X

  3. Funny how music and TV can take you back to a time and a place

  4. I love this! I sing a good mix although nowadays F wants to read in his bed alone at night so no more me singing him to sleep. Our songs are Good Morning from Singing in the Rain and You Are My Sunshine, all mixed in with some nursery songs. x

    • Wow, Lori we do both those too. You Are My Sunshine was my ‘andddd repeat’ song when she was crying a LOT when she had reflux. I think it helped distract me more than her.

  5. i’ve always sung the stuff i love to my girls {neil young, bob dylan, the band, etc} and G sung Iron Maiden – now they’re bigger they still love listening to my folk and his metal!

  6. I got hook the moment I saw those familiar faces (California Dreams). Really really diverse mix of songs =) #MagicMoments

  7. haha oh I love this! we sing such random songs to Wilf and I have lots of memories of slightly frantic, hysterical singing to him as baby to ‘please stop crying and go to sleep!!’

  8. Amy Amy

    I love Edelweiss, I am always singing it to my little ones just because it’s such a beautiful song

  9. What a fun post and WOW some of those songs are old. lol. Although I remember playing Edelweiss on the organ when I was wee, lol. As for singing to my toddler…I do the songs she loves from Sofia the First and a few lullabies. #magicmoments

    • This and the Ross spray tan episode are my favourites – and I’m not even that big a fan!

  10. Love this post and yes it’s so true – babies love us, no matter our faults or our failures, the thing is to relax and realise we are good parents because we are trying. I play my little man records now – mainly Led Zepplin, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell – mellow tunes 🙂

    Laura x

  11. hah brilliant list! Rob used to sing the whole of the Fresh Prince of Belair theme song to Theo as a nursery rhyme, and he has been rocked to sleep to the Beastie Boys a few times!

  12. I took my bump to an Oasis concert at 6 months preggers and used to sing don’t look back in anger to get him to sleep – always worked.

    Now he’s five and love Gangnam Style…


    • Sung in a soft voice, I can imagine that would work well. Cigarettes and Alcohol…maybe when they’re older! Thanks for stopping by!

  13. I had completely forgotten about California Dreams. Amazing!!! There are some songs that I used to sing when H was little and always feel a bit emotional when they come on the radio #brilliantblogposts xxx

  14. Gorgeous post, I love singing to my two sons (despite not having the greatest voice)! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts. Please add my badge or link back. Thanks

  15. Lia Lia

    Omg! California Dreams!!!! Bahahahaha, I loved that! I don’t recognise the line-up though, which is obviously very distressing, so I’m off to spend the entire morning on YouTube! Thank goodness for you!!

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