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#mummyessentialsproject – Week 1- furniture

The new site Mummy Bloggers has begun the #mummyessentialsproject where mothers can use their blogs to recommend good buys to first-time parents or those who need a refresher. This week, it’s furniture. Here’s my top pics of things I’ve found essential.


A good travel cot is a smart buy. Our was similar to this and is from Baby Weavers for about £39.00 or less in the Kiddicare sale! Why – because they make excellent kitchen/living room baby containers once they can sit up or move. And also, it’s never too early to get the little one used to sleeping in different receptacles – saves you a whole world of holiday/in law visiting pain.

We bought a John Lewis Rachel Cot Bed when Tibbs was about five months. We didn’t need it before then thanks to the Mo and the family Swing Crib. My top tip would be to not buy it until you want to start using it. There’s enough guff in the house without it! Also, second hand is always worth looking at.

We also bought John Lewis’ most basic changing table. We weren’t going to get one at all, but it has been an absolute must-have. It’s sturdy, cleanable, exactly the right height (believe me, you do not need any more aches and pains as a new mum) and a reasonable price, especially in the sale which you should look out for. IKEA has some great alternatives.

However vital the changing table was though, it is the John Lewis Baby Wedge changing mat that really makes the difference. £15 is an awesome bargain for this chunky, curved and trustworthy thing. Get two, and put one downstairs if you have stairs in your house.

The Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance is pretty much the bees knees of bouncy chairs. Pretty, pink, frilly, vibrating, or covered in singing plastic toys it is not. It’s posture-balanced, light, wash-clean, baby-led in terms of how it bounces, and most importantly, it folds flat so you can take it anywhere. You need a bouncy chair almost from day one, to take the baby in the bathroom when you shower if you are alone (you do end up doing this to start with) to let them rest and take in the world, or just relax them with some music or the washing machine going. Kiddicare has this at £79.00 which is a steal at the moment, because at John Lewis it is £119.00! I got ours second hand and it was unmarked. This is nearly my top recommendation.

Although, my top recommendation is actually not specifically baby furniture, but furniture you’ll need to have when the baby comes, specifically, a very comfortable armchair, snuggler or sofa. Whether you breast or bottle feed, you’re going to need something you are completely comfortable on for sometimes hours at a time. You might need a footrest to get in a comfy feeding position. You’ll certainly need good support behind your back and possibly your neck too. There may be times when you need to snooze on it yourself. Lastly, get something you can wash or scrub at a bit. Milk comes back at you quite a bit, as does your own cuppa sometimes when you forget it’s on your lap and you jump up to fetch the baby!

I hope this is helpful to anyone looking at what you might need. It’s such an exciting time, we loved choosing all this gear and I loved doing the research too! Good luck and congratulations to you all. And let me know if you think I should’ve chosen other things!

This post is linked up to The Mummy Blogger Community Essentials Project and you can find out more about it from the badge on my right-hand sidebar, including a Twitter chat called #mblogchat every Friday 8-9pm UK time


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  1. We were bought a cot when Cherry was a baby, it wasn’t a cot bed though which was a bit of a pain as she outgrew it really quickly then we had to buy a toddler bed. This time we have a cot bed and will upgrade to a single when J has outgrown it, makes more sense! x

  2. It’s funny, we bought all the ‘proper’ furniture for number one, cot, changing table… by the second and third we realised we didn’t really need it all!

  3. the bouncer certainly looks a lot more stylish than some of the others out there! x

  4. That’s a lovely travel cot for the price. 🙂 Baby bouncers are so handy! They allowed me to quickly scoff my tea down with the rest of the older family! 🙂 x

  5. that cot looks lovely! also, i think everyone needs a comfy chair, baby or not 😀

  6. Great picks – I love the Bjorn balance bouncer thing – very stylish and practical. We had a few travel cots but because we co-slept at home we pretty much ditched the weight of a travel cot and carried on co-sleeping on the move – but still a very valid pic. Cute crib 🙂

    Laura x

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