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Best new mum gifts for under a fiver

I am making up a pre-baby gift box for a friend today, who’s going to be a first-time mum. When I was expecting Tibbs, another friend sent me a box quite like this, full of cheap, but, it turns out, essential things for the first few newborn weeks. I used everything in the box, maybe not straight away, but, in most cases, I was blinking glad to have them in the house when the need arose!

Here’s my suggestions for best new mum gifts for under a fiver.

A bottle of Infacol – around £2.80 from most supermarkets and chemists

Wind, in some form, seems to affect all new babies. We found Infacol an essential for a few weeks to relieve it. Some parents don’t want to use this sort of remedy which is obviously fine. However, if they’ve already got it in the house when the heart-wrenching, sheep-bleating little cries start, and won’t stop, and it comes in handy, then it’s the best gift ever.

Flannels/face cloths – £3.99 for 3 at H&M

These have a dual purpose. Whether you breastfeed or not, your breasts really do get quite hot and swollen. A really nice relief is putting a flannel on each and standing under a warm shower. Later on, you’ll need baby face cloths for multiple liquid related incidents. I still use one to pat the baby dry before putting on a new nappy.

Bright patterned scarves – Primark – plenty for around five pounds

Again, multi-purpose gifting. Babies LOVE bright patterns and one of the first things they react to is a swishy scarf being trailed over them when they are lying on their mat. Scarves also make great feeding cover-ups, can be draped on a pram whilst a baby naps, and, let’s face it, used to wipe up small noses if you’ve nothing else. Primark is my top shop for economical scarves.

Travel mugMaplin £4.99

Although I don’t agree with the ‘you’ll never finish a cuppa again’ taunts that people throw at expectant mothers, there is something to be said for having a cup that keeps the drink warm and allays the fear of splattering the baby with hot tea. These can be a godsend, and you can use them when you’re trolling about the streets trying to get the baby to nap

Buggy hooksTesco £3.99

Although you should always be careful about what you hang on your buggy’s handle, these hooks are mega handy for the odd bag, umbrella, or anything you can’t quite manage otherwise.

Is there anything else for under a fiver that you’d buy for a new parent?


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  1. Making up a box like this is a great idea! I’d add in something lovely for the bath to encourage them to have a little soak and relax 🙂

  2. That travel mug is definitely an essential! Think I really take for granted that I can drink a relatively warm cuppa in peace these days 🙂

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