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The seven best places to feed your baby in Bristol, with a view

Well now, whether it’s breast or bottle, we’ve all got to feed our babies somewhere. So why not make it somewhere awesome? Here’s my ten best ideas for places with a view for you to look at whilst the kids tuck in. Not on the list is my all time weirdest breastfeed, the donkey enclosure at HorseWorld, which is now sadly closed. It’d probably be in the top three if it was open!

Outside the Arnolfini Cafe, on the benches. Personally, I think it’s the best placed picnic table in town. There’s two of them and they have an incredible dockside view. There is one mega benefit too – you can get coffee and the world’s best home-made jam doughnut from the Arnolfini to keep you company.

John Cabot. He won’t steal your doughnut.

Brunel’s Buttery, Wapping Road. Smack bang on the south side of the docks, Brunel’s is a small cabin with outdoor benches and a great view of the passing maritime goings on. It’s also a magnet for all walks of life, so there’ll be plenty of earwigging fun. I like to think pirates eat chips in a cone here, in regular clothes, just to fool us.


Clifton downs, Suspension Bridge view. Well why not sit where no doubt old Isambard himself probably had a wee snack and daydream about where everyone’s off to in the cars crossing the bridge?

Saggy. The bench, that is.

Perrett’s Park, at the top. As a South Bristol person, I think this park is a real find. A view everywhere you look, and if you have kids you want to tire out, you can simply get them to play on the hill. There’s a cute little playground at the bottom too.

Good for the thighs

Mrs Browns Cafe, Victoria Park. Another beautiful park view, another opportunity to perhaps make new friends. The ladies here were the first people to ever talk to me when I moved here, and they were so welcoming and helpful. There’s great coffee, peaceful seating and a cool playground within toddling distance.

Mrs Browns Cafe, thankfully not staffed by Mrs Browns Boys

Brandon Hill Park. This is the view from Cabot Tower, but you, intrepid outdoor feeder, could be sat on one of those benches, right there. What a view! Lovely quiet gardens and and the occasional fancy ice cream van, I heard the other day.

What a view!

Coombe Dingle/Blaise Castle Estate. Not suggesting you crouch on a rock, proffering a Tommy Tippee at a confused baby, but this place is magical. It’s also got an actual castle in case you fancy some Game of Thrones roleplay, and, a children’s playground.

Extreme breastfeeding. As a craze, it’s no planking.

So, where are your favourites? What have I missed? As a newcomer to the city, I’m keen to hear of more secret places.

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  1. We visited a few of those spots when in Bristol the other week, and I’d agree they’d all be lovely to feed a baby. I fed my not-so-babies there 😉

  2. Ah many a breast feeding session was done with the view of the bridge! There are so many good spots in Bristol and some great green spaces too. x

  3. Oh, I’ve heard the Arnolfini doughnuts are amazing! Must try one soon.

    Love all your picks, will have a think where else might be good…

    • I can vouch for their immenseness in terms of taste and ‘look and feel’. If only I had a picture. Actually, if I had a picture, I’d probably be licking it.

  4. Wow I love love love this post – so different. I fed my little man outside the Arnofini once. It’s so strange because even though I breast-fed my little man until he was 2.5yrs old I rarely did it outside (of course sometimes I did but very much undercover) after having some negative experiences but next time around I’m really not going to care what people think and I love Bristol so this post will come in handy for that 🙂

    Laura x

    • Hi Laura, hopefully, although I can’t vouch for the entire population as I’m quite new here, you’ll find Bristol folk very accepting of all life’s decisions, including breastfeeding your baby. I’m not breastfeeding anymore, but, when I did, I really struggled with the manouvre of cover-up, unless it was a crafty two-vest situation or a cardigan flap placed artfully. Now that Spring’s here again, I hope you and others don’t feel that same pressure!

  5. I have never been to bristol but after reading all these posts recently, i am really wanting to visit x

  6. I’m not from Bristol way so I am in envy of these amazing feeding locations! There was me thinking the sea view here was pretty awesome, but I’m not sure we have anything like the range of beauty spots you do – I’ll have to be on the look out for some more, thank you for the inspiration!

    • Hello, one of the reasons I love it here is the hilly land and cityscape means you have a view from nearly every street and open space. With the current focus on attitudes to feeding your baby in public, wouldn’t it be nice if more people felt able and confident to do it in an enjoyable place other than their home? Thanks for your comment!

  7. Rachel Rachel

    I like the aquarium! Does that count as a “view?”

    • Oh definitely! Very peaceful in there at times too!

  8. Ros Ros

    Troopers Hill is the one for me. Panoramic views, fresh air, quiet and a little more rugged than your usual city park 🙂 x

  9. […] on picnics too, right? And if you live anywhere near Bristol, this post from The Bristol Parent on great spots with a view to feed your baby will give you lots of […]

  10. Victiria Bleazard Victiria Bleazard

    Am on the train to Bristol as we’re on a mission to move there. Have 9mo so will definitely be trying one or two of these today, thank you!

    • Oh that’s awesome! You’ve picked a great weekend to come! Good luck with your prospective move!

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