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Treats for dogs a different way – BarkBeats


BarkBeats, a monthly subscription service of toys and treats for dogs, got in touch with me when we got Mack about a month ago. It’s totally tailored to your dog by size and individually chosen contents. I admit, I was a little sceptical, because my previous dog was very low maintenance on the treats (he… Read More

Bristol terraced garden makeover

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When you move to Bristol, you kind of know that, in a city of so many hills and beautiful views, you’re going to get a funny-shaped garden. Whether you’re in a huge Clifton villa, a Bishopston Victorian Semi, a garden flat in Cotham, or an Edwardian terrace in Knowle, there might be something a bit… Read More

Fridays with a toddler in Bristol


Fridays are my only full day off with my daughter, and I always try to do something we’ll both enjoy. After being at nursery for the other four days, however, she’s often quite tired and needs a longer sleep at lunchtime. For the past month, she’s actually fallen asleep as early as 10.30am on the… Read More