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Toddler eating habits


Here’s a post I wrote for Talkmum last week on worrying about toddler eating habits. You can also read about toddler foods I rely on here and if you’re looking for organisation tips, try my friend Fran’s tips at The Parent Social for making a meal planner The relationship (with food) and other tales of love Can… Read More

Salt and Malt – review


Last Saturday we went for breakfast at Josh Eggleton’s new Chew Valley Lakes cafe, Salt and Malt. We’ve never been to the lakes before, and when we arrived, the water was choppy and iron grey, with the hills behind it and a lovely waterside, fresh smell. There are a lot of aquatic birds nesting and… Read More

@Bristol Toddler Takeover – review


Science.  I am not a science person. Big, huge machines – yes! I love cars, planes, those massive lorries that carry other lorries, those planes that carry planes! But not science. @Bristol is right there, right in Millennium Square, doing a brilliant job of preventing the creation of more apathetic people like me. It really brings… Read More