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Brian Blessed, and more people I don’t want to see during childbirth

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 07.50.52

                  Whether it’s true or not, the news that roaring man-bear Brian Blessed loomed out of the undergrowth, shouted until a poor woman gave birth in Richmond park, bit through the cord, licked the baby’s face and casually massaged out the afterbirth in 1963 is AWESOME. But obviously strewn with mental pictures we’ll all never destroy. But it’s given me the inspiration to think of a few other people I never want to see up close, should I ever give birth again.… Read More

More half term workshops – Let’s Make Art’s paper clothes at RWA


Another wicked session to tickle your kids’ creative sides run by the awesome Let’s Make Art. I love the fact this is split into two age groups so the children can really get into it with peers their own age. When older ones are involved, Tibbs tends to spend more time ogling them and trying to get them to notice her by copying them! Toddlers are so blatant, it’s ace. Paper Clothes: Half-term workshop Wednesday 28 October 10.30-midday for ages 3 – 5, and 1.30pm -3.30pm for children aged 6+… Read More

What’s happening at Children’s Scrapstore over half term?


Well, Room to Play is back, which is awesome news for Bristol’s crafty kids! Also, the Thursday morning messy play for Under 5s has been so successful that it has been extended to being weekly for the next few months, check Scrapstore’s Facebook for details. Room To Play is Back for Autumn! Room To Play launched in July as a new, creative alternative to summer play camps. The parent and child engagement programme encouraged open creative play using recycled materials, and had some fun themes to join in with as… Read More

You are small, and poorly


My girl, you are small, and poorly. And I had to go away for work. And now I feel small, too. When I ran into your room at midnight because you were crying my name, after the initial revulsion at the horrible smell of vomit and calling your poor, half asleep dad to assist me, I muttered under my breath, ‘this is all I need’. I feel so guilty about saying it, thinking it. Because actually, all I really need is my family, of which you are the tiny, thrumming heart.… Read More

What are you, sofa?


We’ve got two ace sofas. I’m particularly in love with our terracotta one. It’s smaller than the other, and has a ‘me-shaped’ nook on ‘my side’ where I sit, crumpled, usually with diminished room to manoeuvre due to a labrador’s lolling. I’m way too uncool to have ‘wine o’clock’ cravings. I have sofa time pangs instead. Sofas were different, pre-kids. For cuddling up to one-another whilst you watched stuff. For disguising fag burns and curry stains using throws, when you were a student. For sitting at each end of with your best… Read More

Have you heard about the lullaby ride in Southville and Bedminster?

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 07.05.31

                How many of us enjoyed the boats in Leigh Woods this Summer? Well, the brilliant artist responsible, Luke Jerram, is delivering his first ever project specifically for children on Saturday October 10th. It’s called the Lullaby Ride. By the looks of things, it’s going to be a bike-based tour of Southville and Bedminster by gentle, twinkling cycle lights and soothing lullaby music, with defined stopping points at certain times, starting at 6.15pm at Greville Smyth Park, Ashton Gate and ending at about 7.30pm… Read More

How to sell your house in Bristol


So, our lovely house has been up for sale. We’re not going far, but we are going, so says the big red sign outside the front door. We all know the Bristol property market is a terrible, brutal game of timing and nerve, so we were worried: what could we do, if anything, to make our place stand out? Your home is a bit like your kids – you appraise it with the biased eyes of its creator and sometimes, can’t see the imperfections. Or, if yore like me and… Read More

Westonbirt Arboretum for Autumn Colour


Wasn’t the weather just perfect this weekend? On Friday we visited Westonbirt Arboretum. Westonbirt is best explained as an enormous art gallery made of 15,000 trees, built by the Victorians and now looked after by the Forestry Commission. It is gloriously colourful at every time of the year, but in Autumn its pretty special. It’s about 40 minutes by car from Bristol, being three miles away from Tetbury in Gloucestershire. You pay to get in (£9.00 per adult, under 5s free), but there is an annual pass that is well… Read More

Beautiful you


I could watch you all day. Just being beautiful you. I prefer watching you when you don’t know I’m there. Especially when I come to get you from nursery, or when we are at choir and you’re trying to join in with your friends as they play. We’ve been doing cool stuff together recently. You tried to arrange your first flowers. I loved your commentary on the colours and textures of each one you touched. I love the fact you know purple, but everything else, regardless of hue, is pinkandwhiteandblue.… Read More

Why you’ve got to love Samantha Jones


(Warning, strong language in video clips and images)               Me and Samantha Jones have just two things in common: we both work in PR, and we both lived in New York. Me and Kim Cattrall have nothing in common: she’s 59, unmarried, childless, and frankly, fabulous. Oh, and glasses. But, for reasons I can’t quite fathom, the fictional Samantha Jones from Sex in the City, and the actress who plays her, Kim Cattrall, are two of my biggest heroines/girl crushes, whatever you want to… Read More