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Carrying my toddler | re-discovering the sling


A couple of weeks ago, after a spectacular logistical mess up at nursery pick-up time, a friend suggested I borrow her sling to get Tibbs back from nursery. I was a bit nervous because I haven’t used one since she grew out of her Baby Bjorn. Once I’d had a quick ‘fitting’ and felt comfortable, the immediate thing I felt was total joy! I set off up the hill with my girl on my back, and she was absolutely loving it, too. It was like a big adventure! I’m now… Read More

baby won’t take a bottle | what help is really out there?


Before I write the rest of this, please can I make it clear that this is not, absolutely not, an invitation for a debate on the best way to feed your baby. For the record, I breastfed my daughter for seven months, topping up with a bottle of expressed milk from the start, moving through acid reflux for 14 weeks using Dr Browns bottles and mixed feeding. She gave up breastfeeding of her own accord, which brought all sorts of emotions out for me. This post is intended to help… Read More

brace your elf for the Bedminster Elves | trail starts this weekend!


Be prepared, this piece features so many elf-based puns I can hardly believe it…The Bedminster Elves are here! A new property hotspot has hit Bristol. Forget Bedminster. You live in Elfminster now, or at least you do for the next few weeks.  100 Elves are hidden in Bedminster and Southville for families to find, from Saturday 28th November. The Elves have been busy. They’ve even built their own properties to operate out of – The Elf and Safety Office, Elf Hotel, Santa’s Mailroom and the Elf Workshop. Each of the properties… Read More

the wrench | saying goodbye to nursery

goodbye to nursery

One of my favourite times of the day is picking my daughter up from her nursery school. If I’m lucky, I get a few seconds of watching her, busy at play, before she notices me and comes stumping over. Sometimes she’ll say, “There’s MY mummy”, which always sparks that spangled, warm pride we carry with us in the eternal maternal bumbag of emotions. She loves them, those young folk in their colour-coded polo shirts, those who are the puppet-masters of her day, whilst I grind out copy and strategy and… Read More

What I’ve learned in 2015 | What parenthood has taught me

This isn’t a 2015 review, it’s probably more a response to a recent significant birthday. Most of all, it’s a result of feeling my own emotional tectonic plates shift. Becoming a mother changed my life. When I was not a mother, struggling to become one, and feeling miserable about the way that changed my personality, I hated hearing that sentence. I had absolutely no clue what the real story was behind it being said, though. You only have to read Kathryn Mewes, the Three Day Nanny’s story  about failing at newborn… Read More

The makeup party | mineral cosmetics with Outsidethebox

Outsidethebox makeup

Have you ever been to a makeup party? No? Me neither, until this month, when I hosted one! The sorts of parties I usually host involve either toddlers fighting over toy pushchairs, or my friends fighting over the last can of Thatchers. But, when Jules Derrick, the excellent founder of Outsidethebox mineral cosmetics, suggested I invite some mates round, get a makeover and drink some wine, I nearly snapped her magic beauty hands off in excitement. Basically, my current makeup bag is like Katie Hopkins – pretty repellent and it’s… Read More

Clifton Christmas Lights | Switch on tomorrow!

Clifton Christmas Tree

If you like your Christmas to begin in November then Clifton is the place for you – TOMORROW! The Mall Garden’s beautiful 50ft Christmas Tree will be the central attraction when the annual lighting up ceremony of the Clifton Christmas Lights starts from 6.00pm tomorrow. 50ft is HUGE, and it’s bound to be absolutely beautiful and a lovely way to start feeling festive. You can enjoy Christmas carols from Christ Church Choir, followed by the official switching on of the Christmas Tree and Clifton Village lighting decorations at 6.30pm with an appearance… Read More

Wardrobe update | winter fashion 2015

DP Curve charcoal sequin jacket

Because it’s been my birthday, I’ve been doing a bit of shopping and generally buying myself a more capsule-like, colour oriented look. It was time for a winter fashion 2015 wardrobe update. I’ve gone for lots of blue and green, more fitted things. Even though I’m a size 16-18 I think good, fitted tops are better than tents. Winter parenting is a tough game, you go from freezing to boiling in one fraught trip to the playground. My favourite buy is this Tu teal boucle wool coat. It looks relatively… Read More

Thinking of moving to Bristol?


If you’re selling your house in Bristol, or are thinking of moving to Bristol at the moment, you’ll know how red hot the property market here is. Those of us that have moved here, or have lived here for a long time, know what a brilliant city it is to live in and raise our families. We know how there’s wonderful things to do with children of any age. Whether it’s things to do when it’s raining, or when it’s too hot, we are spoilt for choice. If you want… Read More

The Bristol Giants Save Christmas! Win a copy of the new book!

Front cover low res

This week I had a sneak peak at the new Oliver Rigby book, the Bristol Giants Save Christmas, and it’s absolutely perfect! I shan’t spoil the story for you, but suffice to say, a man in red and white gets a bit poorly and needs some help making sure the children of Bristol get their presents on Christmas Eve. You are going to love their transport choice for deliveries. If you’re at a loose end today, you can get down to Waterstones at Cribbs, where from 11am-1pm there’s going to… Read More