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#weprintmemories – a photo competition


#weprintmemories I’m an inconsistent photographer, even since becoming a parent. I don’t have any professional kit at all, just an iPhone. However, I’ve got a wonderful pile (both electronic and paper) of photographs which form a jigsaw of my life so far. I wish I had more pictures of my Mum and Dad, and my… Read More

Tour of Britain: toddle of Bath


Me, whose bike sits crying and unloved in the garden, and my daughter who cannot ride a bike, decided to go and watch the Tour of Britain in Bath today. It was lots of fun. There was an excellent atmosphere in the beautiful city and lots of excitement about bikes and bike riding. For us,… Read More

Mummy seems to be the hardest word


Imagine, if you will, telling somebody you didn’t know well about your wedding day, and describing your dress and all the special moments. Imagine if this is what you could say: “Versace personally designed and oversaw the hand stitching of my dress. The veil was amazing – long and swishy…and completely covered in the various… Read More

New places and firsts in Bristol

Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 08.14.15

We had a packed weekend, filled with a series of firsts for us. We also explored some new places to play and eat all over Bristol. I spent some time at the farm on saturday, mostly mucking out sheep and tidying their paddock. I do like sheep. Ours are curious and friendly fellows, and fond… Read More

Chickenpox – our experience

Day six and out and about, infection free!

Another month, another post about common pre-school illnesses from me. If you’re searching for tips on chickenpox symptoms, how to soothe chickenpox covered babies, and things to do when your baby had chickenpox, this post might be for you. Tibbs was the 21st out of 23 children under three at her nursery to get chickenpox… Read More