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Win tickets to Grillstock Festival Sunday

GS ShotAway-12

Grillstock, the festival of meat, music and mayhem, returns to Bristol this year on July 11th and 12th. I have been twice before, including the very first year, and it’s so much fun. If you enjoy your barbecue in the sunshine, with cold beers and very eclectic music, it’s a Bristol must. Two things have… Read More

Things to do in Bristol when it’s too hot!


In the same way as rain can spoil play, too much sunshine is also something that’s hard to manage, especially with pre-schoolers. I won’t got into the annoyances of the constant sun creaming and the hat situation, there are plenty of other blog posts (here’s the ever funny Mother’s Always Right on going to the… Read More

Tips for a European road trip with toddlers


If you’ve got pre-school kids and are considering your holiday options, I thought I’d pass on some things that have really made a difference to us. We (me, my husband, our 27 month-old and our labrador) are currently half-way through a month-long adventure in France and Spain. The below is our route, and I’ll be… Read More

What shopping is like once you’ve had a baby

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 10.06.34

My first WTF moment was staggering round Waitrose with the car seat and the three-week old inside a large trolley surrounded by the impulse buys of a ravenous and slightly insane first time parent. I had no idea most supermarkets have special trolleys you can click car seats safely into until some nervous bystander pointed… Read More