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My favourite Bristol blog posts, 2014

Bristol is blessed with some brilliant writers. Here’s some of my favourite Bristol blog posts of the year, to inspire you to read more in 2015. Tigerlilly Quinn wrote a post on Beautiful Bristol this year, and it’s the pictures that make it – you’ll be proud to live here and want to visit if… Read More

What I’m wearing this Christmas

I’ve had a little Christmas treat from the lovely people at Bonmarche this week, some new things to wear over the festive few days. Bonmarche is very much on my radar because there is a store in my local shopping centre, the Broadwalk in Knowle. I’d not been in there before as I wasn’t sure… Read More

Christmas traditions – are they hereditary?


Last week, my visiting godmother took one look at my two, traditional, non chocolate, religious-based advent calendars and said, “Oh, advent calendars. They always remind me of your mum.” One of them was from my mum – but this year, not for me, for Tibbs! See, my mum has a thing about advent calendars, and… Read More