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Puxton Park review


Puxton Park is a farm and countryside adventure playground, about half an hour outside Bristol by car. We visited on an ordinary, School-holiday free Sunday morning, and the first thing we liked about it was the price! Adults are £4.70, and kids under 3 are FREE, so this was a day trip for under a… Read More

Natural treatments for childhood eczema

Eczema is the pits. I know, because I’ve had it for nearly ten years now and it’s itchy, disfiguring and sore. So when Tibbs began displaying symptoms, particularly in the heat, I was really sad. Childhood eczema isn’t nice for a parent or baby to try and cope with. So far, we’ve only just started… Read More

Holiday inspiration – the i-escape way


For no other reason that the fact I have been on some incredible holidays booked through them, including where I got engaged, our honeymoon, and our first holiday with a baby, I wanted to tell you all about i-escape today. Oh, and they are based in Bristol, which is even better. And lastly, there’s a… Read More

Better Toddler Halloween Costumes


We’re having a small Halloween party for some of mine and Tibbs’ friends in a couple of weeks. This little one needs a costume (so do I, but that’s another story). I’m kind of uninspired by the shop-bought ones I have seen so far. Halloween is about having fun, as far as I’m concerned. And… Read More

My favourite bits of the baby’s room


I’ve written before about how I worried about pushing my taste onto our daughter when we decorated her room a few months ago. Six months later, and it’s already becoming ‘her room’, not mine. Every day a new toy appears in there, or disappears downstairs. The books on the shelves swap around a lot. She’s… Read More